COM0015: Blog 1 – Tools and Success (W2017)

My favorite social media monitoring/listening tool is Social Mention. This tool monitors approximately one hundred social media sites. I like it as a listening tool because once you select the time frame and who/what you wish to monitor, it displays top keywords, top users, hashtags and sources that allow you to follow up. For example, if there were mentions on WordPress, you simply click on a link that Social Mention provides to read the entire blog.

Social Mention also encompasses data analysis, and measures four categories of influence on your company or any competitors you wish to monitor:

  • Reach: the number of unique individuals mentioning the brand compared to the total number of mentions
  • Strength: the overall likelihood of the identified companies themselves being discussed in social media
  • Sentiment: the ratio between generally positive and negative comments
  • Passion: the measure of the chances of individuals commenting on the company repeatedly.

The options this tool gives me to further explore social media comments for a specific organization or topic are invaluable. They provide me with insights on how people are thinking and what they are saying and I can take as much or as little time to get ideas on how to better gain more passion, reach and strength.

The second tool I am learning to like is Hootsuite, although as it is a very personalized tool, and collects an enormous amount of personal information (even on its free version).  This tool will help focus me on my future goals, something I do need to do as I am thoroughly enjoying my experiences in the world of full-time learning.

I’m in a unique situation (for me) since May 2016 in that I am studying full-time and not currently working. For personal development, I am looking at two main streams, along with a third that is more hobby-related but could evolve into a business (abstract art).

I will continue using Social Mention as I look deeper into what it takes to become a social media professional, as well as an accomplished editor and writer. I hope to be able to find workshops, online or otherwise, more easily through these tools, as well as discovering organizations and associations that could benefit from my knowledge and creative ideas.


High Society

“Society” Gossip first, social media later. (by mlg)

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