My two favorite listening tools for social media are Sprout Social and Campaign Monitor.
Technically Campaign Monitor is more geared towards e-mail marketing, but it measures engagement quite effectively depending on the unique engagement level of your e-mail marketing. I worked with this tool while on placement at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I developed an e-mail blast going out to public schools in Ottawa and Gatineau. I had linked their school program’s web pages ticket portal and brochures to the memo style message body.


My thoughts on paper..-Melinda Phelan, July, 2015

I used Campaign Monitor to extract addresses and send out the e-mail. After you send the e-mail, their system tracks how many recipients download the document, and how many people click on the links within the document. It also tracks how long it took for people to open the e-mail, and then click on a link. It presents the data in the form of colorful line graphs indicating each statistic. The best part is that it measures in real-time from the moment the recipient gets the e-mail in their inbox to the engagement click. It will also let you know how many e-mails bounced back and for what reason. I am sure currently they have many more analytics dashboards but even when I used it I was satisfied with the data it provided. At the end of each day, I would produce a report based on the data. We were able to assess the best time to send the e-mails based on the average time at which most recipients opened the e-mail and followed with engagements. We also got a sense of how engaged recipients were with the e-mail and the links provided. We could also track the level of sales via the clicks and purchases through the ticket portal from the e-mail. Another aspect of the system was that you could perform A/B tests with your campaign.

I think e-mail marketing is often overlooked as a source of social media. No, it is not specifically intended to allow for conversations per say, but it does allow for engagements online that can lead to social content. For example, you could include social links in the body of your e-mail design or embed social media such as video content.

The second tool I like, but do not have any practical experience with is Sprout Social. I think this is a great low-cost monitoring tool for agencies and individuals. It apparently provides an array of analytics such as indicating and tracking brand mentions, hashtags, keywords, influencers and provides project management widgets for large scale campaigns. So instead of having multiple analytics dashboards and a project management space such as BaseCamp, you can have an all-in-one package. According to a friend of mine who uses Sprout Social and Radian6 has said Radian 6 could become very costly because the reporting can be pricey but with Sprout Social, the cost subscription covers everything without limitations.

My two best sources of information and news regarding DRTV, digital and Broadcast televised media trends are another agency called CanadaTVMedia, and Strategy Magazine Publications. CanadaTVMedia releases free reports on Broadcast tv trends in Canada that are also public files. They offer official data sourced from reliable statistics. Our agency subscribes to Strategy Magazine and Strategy online (its digital platform) to view their reporting section for any news regarding other agencies and trends. Another source is Telefilm Canada. They also provide free reporting on current trends in TV viewership in Canada. Another source, of course, is my reps! They provide reliable statistics about their stations from Numeris (formerly PMB). As an agency that specializes in DRTV, we continually seek information on viewership to keep on top of our demo and their viewing behaviours. It helps us to streamline our buys and know where to buy into and at the right time.




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