Elements for Effective Communication COM0014 Blog #2

Communication through writing requires the author to be clear, concise and give the reader all essential information in the opening paragraph. People are continually flooded with information via the internet and there is no shortage of material to read, so they skim over content making decisions about what to pay attention to based on a very quick glance. In this lesson we learned about “Inverted Pyramid Writing.” Using this method, the writer ensures that critical information goes at the beginning of their content so that if the reader stops reading after the first paragraph, they will still have the key information.

Writing in an active voice, impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation all contribute to how readable your content is. If someone has to re-read what you’ve written to try and understand it, it isn’t very good content and they won’t want be inclined to share it.

Begin writing with a clear idea of who your audience is and how you want them to interact with your writing. In lesson two, we read that many successful bloggers end their posts by posing a question. Ending your post with a question keeps the reader hooked, encourages comments and engages the reader in a conversation.

Because there is no shortage of content on almost every topic you could think of, writers need to be cognizant of all of the elements that make good material. Communicating through writing requires writers to make their point efficiently but still provide value to the reader, what issues have you run into while writing content and how has this class helped you to address those issues?

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