Comm 0015Mar Post 1 — Tools and Sources

Well, seems I’m further behind the times than I had originally thought. And while that’s going to make these courses more difficult than I had anticipated, there’s a lot of fun to be had in a learning curve steep enough to slide on.  So…

While it would likely be easier to refer to the tools given in the reading assignment, the truth is that at present I don’t use discrete tools to listen to or monitor social media. I get much of the news and updates of interest through facebook, although I’ve subscribed to an RSS feed and check cnn and a few other sites religiously. I also follow and post on a mixed martial arts bulletin board which keeps me up to speed not only on professional martial arts in general, but (through a subforum) on competitions and new techniques being developed in my own sport.

I use these sources instead of aggregators by default — once I’m somewhat more social-media literate, I’ll no doubt make use of the available tools. One of the reasons for taking this course it to familiarize myself with the tools necessary to both monitor my own reach and better focus my information uptake.

That being said, the Harvard Program on Negotiation blog has proven to be an excellent resource for negotiation and conflict resolution information. I’ve found this blog invaluable not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life. This because not only is the information itself of value, but having negotiation theory ‘top of mind’ on a regular basis help me contextualize conflict, personal and business, in a productive manner


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