COM0015Mar — Professional Networking

For the purposes of this exercise, I’ll refer to my secondary profession, that of a self-defense / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. I’ve started a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu related blog, facebook group and instagram account that I’ll be using for the purposes of this Social Media program, but once I’ve a better grasp of the ‘back of the house’ mechanics of social media, I intend to port it to a dedicated web address and reach out to the BJJ community for followers. Through this, I intend to further extend my reach to those who don’t train and convert interested readers to students.

In addition to regular blogging, I intend to video some of my lessons and add those to my blog, as well as reviews of equipment, supplements, etc. I plan to make my blog a resource for people who are interested in my sport or in self-defense in general, but may be somewhat intimidated by the thought of fight training and therefore aren’t being targeted by most websites in my field.

In person, sending people to my blog is much more natural than trying to buttonhook them into coming to take a class, so I intend to shift focus from “Hey, drop by and take a class” to “Hey, check out the blog, there’s stuff there that speaks to what we’re talking about”, which if properly implemented will funnel that person to an ongoing engagement and eventually to an in-person visit.

Assuming I eventually manage to grow an audience large enough to make a bulletin board viable, I’ll expand to that as well.

And, of course, the hope is that once these courses have brought me somewhat up to speed on the tools available through social media, I expect to be able to employ methodologies I don’t even know exist as yet…


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