COM0015 | Blog post #1 | Tools and sources

Listening | Monitoring | News Sources | Updates

A very good question is posed here “What  are my two favourite social media trend listening/monitoring tools and the two best best sources of news and updates of interest to me.” Let address that by stating as a newbie … I am not sure which ones I should use.

Trend listening/monitoring tools

I have primarily use Google alerts as my main source of listening and monitoring, it is free and a basic functionality, yes there is extra work on my part but I understand it. Twitter is the other tool, again it is free and I understand the logic behind it. They are significant in that I have been on them since 2009, so I am sticky with my roost.

Sources of news and updates

For sources of news and updates I stick with what is a cost effective price point, free – Facebook and Twitter.  They seem to do the trick for me at this time. As I mentioned under trend listening/monitoring I started on them back in 2009. Long standing tools at this point they do the job.

My future tools for Listening | Monitoring | News Sources | Updates

However, that being said, as my understanding evolves in Social Media and business opportunities arise, the listening/monitoring tools along with sources of news and updates will evolve. Perhaps in the direction of Hootsuite, Buzzmo and maybe Simply measured, these tools will provide deeper insight into trend in energy efficiency.

I just signed a contract to plan, design and implement a Digital Approach for NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency over the next 12 months. I know my selected tools will evolve into paid and purchased services.

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