COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools and Sources

I have to admit that I am very new to using listening tools in social media so I have a very limited list to choose from.  Currently I have been happy using Facebook Insights that come with the creation of a page.  I began using this tool primarily because I required something free, easy and quick.  It began before I started this course and although I had always been listening to our Facebook audience, I wasn’t using tools to help, even the free one.  Tracking the likes and unlikes are made obvious with this tool, as well as tracking successful posts and comments.  It helps to give us a sense of what worked really well on Facebook and what was a complete flop.  I get the most action on our Facebook page so using the tool provided by them is helpful since I am on there every day.

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The second tool that I was introduced to by the management team at my work is Hootsuite.  It provides me with a dashboard that allows me to schedule posts among our social media platforms.  It’s a great tool since my workplace has some funny hours and busier moments.  It helps make posting to social media somewhat stress-free by allowing us to schedule posts in advance over any of our social media platforms.  It also allows the user to monitor comments, messages etc. for each social media network. This works great for me since I can get overwhelmed when there is a wealth of information staring back at me.  Sorting through it is easy and I find that I am able to keep great track of what is happening in each of my social media networks.  It also isn’t very expensive when bought as a professional (1 user).  There are different options for larger businesses which provides the base features offered in the professional package, plus much more.

Why I like both social media listening tools over others right now is that I am familiar with them.  I’m looking forward to trying out other low-cost tools but there are just so many that I find myself wondering where to start and what to research.

As for sources of news and updates, I do find myself most often on Upworthy and Huffington Post Canada.  Upworthy typically has positive stories centering around movement makers and the purest do-gooders.  With so much ugliness in the world it is nice to have beautiful stories at my fingertips.  I like Huffington Post Canada because of their grassroots beginnings and their Canadian focus.  Although I wouldn’t call myself politically savvy, Huffington Post Canada does seem to be my go-to for politics.

I look forward to building on both the listening tools I am using and my news sources.  From reading previous posts by classmates I already have a few great starting points for both 🙂


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