COM0014-Post #2: The Best Advice Yet

I have learned many lessons over the past six months of social media training, but nothing has struck home as much as Gary Vanderchuk’s advice to “understand yourself, very, very well”. Gary suggests that we really need to get to know exactly who we are in an honest open way so that we can determine the best means to get through to people. There is a lot of noise out there so getting noticed is not easy. More importantly, when you are noticed you have to pass the “sniff test” to determine whether you have credibility or not.

The Real You

Taking the time to analyze your own “DNA” to see how you come across online is critical. You may not be using the best platform or you just not be using it as effectively as you could. Understanding yourself, your strengths and weaknesses can help you to come across as far more genuine and sincere which can translate into success. People are busy and it is difficult to get and keep their attention. Analyzing the best way for you to communicate with these people may be the most important thing you can do. Once you get their attention you really need to convince them that you are the genuine article, the real deal and spending some of their precious time with you would be an investment, not a waste, of time. Imagine yourself around a campfire with these people and that you only have a few minutes to get your message across. More importantly, image that you only have the first 30 seconds to convince them to give the rest of their limited time because that is what often happens in social media.

Light a Fire

Take those precious few seconds to let the real you shine through. Let them know that you have something important to say and that they need to hear it. Light a fire, bring them in and be real. People will listen if you really believe what you have to say. The other points in this course are also important such as grammar and spelling but people want to interact with real people so being real is the single most important thing you can do.

Feel free to disagree. Comments are very welcome indeed.

One thought on “COM0014-Post #2: The Best Advice Yet

  1. I’ve just begun taking Social Media Marketing and came across Gary Vaynerchuck’s book “Crush It”. I’m also a fan. He has a lot of good advice to share. Off to read his other 2 books.

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