COM0014 – Blog #2: Bite-sized content makes reading more digestible

Capturing and holding a reader’s attention in the digital age is requiring more and more imagination from today’s writers. With our busy schedules, many people often grab their snippets of news and entertainment while commuting, scrolling through social media or between commercial breaks. They don’t want to dedicate a lot of time to critical thinking – they want the Coles Notes version – and as writers, it’s our job to leave our audiences wanting more.

As an aspiring creative writer, I was thrilled to learn about a new mobile app called Tap that has recently been unveiled by the Toronto-based company Wattpad. The app offers short stories in a multitude of genres that allow you to feel as if you are observing another person’s private message thread in real time.

The stories are written just like a conversation – often quite witty and personable. With pictures and emoji’s abound, the stories leave readers tapping for more.

App to provide free social publishing platform

In the coming weeks, Wattpad Tap will give indie authors the ability to publish their own short stories and share them on social networks (similar to the original Wattpad platform). With over 125 million taps recorded in the past few weeks, the Tap app offers writers another venue to share interactive stories and generate a following. It also aims to get Hollywood involved, such as with these stories called Drunk & Hangry with Chrissy Teigen or Barack and the Trump Train. Like on Wattpad, interactive story writers can go on to sign book deals and even see their work on the Silver Screen as they have already proven to captivate millions (even billions) of followers. Unlike traditional publishing houses, Wattpadd offers a platform where 10,000 stories are uploaded every 12 hours and a diversity of creativity is available to everyone – anywhere & anytime.

The Future of Storytelling

Storytelling is ingrained in our DNA. It’s something that has allowed us to preserve our history, understand one another and stay connected. From Caveman symbols to ink on paper and now text-style storytelling, the digital age is undoubtedly changing the face of writing in the modern world.

There is no question people love entertainment and by making reading a socially pleasurable experience, we can leave today’s readers wanting more. Wattpad Tap is now hand-delivering us a new way to captivate readers with the written word – this time with bite-sized tidbits that are easy to digest.

What do you think of this style of creative writing? Do you think it’s something you would find pleasure in? Is it too simplistic or a great way to escape?


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