Melinda Phelan: Blog Post #1-COMOO14

My Trip to Ireland


Jerpoint Abbey. Phelan, Melinda [Image file], May 7, 2016

Last May I travelled to Ireland with my father to visit his family. My father is from a family of 12 including himself! It is because of my father’s background that I was able to become a dual citizen and hold Canadian and Irish citizenship. I get some odd looks sometimes from the security at the Dublin airport because I am actually South Korean by birth but was adopted.

When we got to the airport in Dublin my aunt and uncle came and picked us up. We then made the long journey to Kilkenny.

photo 2

Walking through Kilkenny with mum and dad-Phelan, Melinda [Image File] May 8, 2016

Once we were settled in at their house I decided to go exploring. First off, I only knew a few areas of the town including Kilkenny Castle.

Well, I knew where it was anyways. So I wondered what was around it rather than just seeing the gardens again. I walked from the front entrance down the side this time round and found a walking path.

photo 5

The lonely winding path. Phelan, Melinda [Image file] May 8, 2016

And another..

photo 4

Walking path 2. Phelan, Melinda [Image file] May 8, 2016

Until I stumbled upon this:

photo 3

The Manor House. Phelan, Melinda [Image file] May 8, 2016

It was an old stone manor house probably built sometime in the 1700s (Purely a wild guess by the skeletal architecture). I walked closer to get a better look at it, and it was an amazing feeling finding this building!


My personal discovery. Phelan, Melinda [Image file] May 8, 2016

I felt like Indiana Jones. It was pretty cool, I walked inside the open space and felt like I was transported to the late 1600s/1700s. I could imagine the people who might have used the space and wondered what it looked like before it fell into disrepair. I guessed it might be a manor house, but when I was done snapping photos and filming my own little video I ran all the way back to the castle to meet my parents. According to my father, he says it might have actually been a jail at one point but he had nothing to prove this either. I have searched for information on it but I could not find anything concrete. It it also very likely it was associated with the land belonging to the Castle grounds which would make sense. But to this day I do not know what it was for or for whom it was built.

Please help me out if you know this building!

Post a reply in the comments if you want to help me solve this mystery. I want to learn about its history. Any leads will help.

I hope you enjoyed my story, thanks for your time.


Melinda Phelan


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