COMM015- Blog post #4

I’m not convinced that I’ve stumbled upon any unexpected applications in the field of online marketing and social media, but I am more interested in the updates and revamps that existing apps get. These updates and modifications are suppose to enhance the app, give it more of an edge, and bring something new to the application. The most recent app that I see having the most benefits is the most recent Instagram app, allowing you to upload multiple images showcased by swiping left to view the rest of the images. I can see this update really being useful for retailers, fashion bloggers, photography enthusiasts; almost every can use this feature to their benefit. This feature, for example, allows users to showcase more than 1 image of the same subject matter, in a less invasive way compared to mass posting the same subject matter. It can allow retailers to showcase a look or article of clothing in a variety of ways, and allow for a wider range of artistic dimension to content online. I see this update being very successful to creative minds alike.


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