COMM0014- Blog post #7

Learning the academic side to anything always gives more insight, and I’m glad this course did that. It turns an idea like social media, which seems like a fairly easy concept, into a much more complex, thought out, very involved environment to be in. I think storytelling is important when creating great digital content because it creates a very real bond between you and your audience. You can be revealing a very real and personal moment online to anyone who is reading, but it makes your content that much better. No one wants to read something with no passion in it, with no guts to the story. Storytelling is meant to share experiences and emotions, thoughts and ideas; you are baring your soul to the online world.

I think my content will reflect the kind of person I am, at least I would hope they do. I’ve always found that if I just type how I think or just let it spew out, it feels so much more me. I’m not overly trying to have things grammatically correct or anything like that, because that isn’t me in real life. I would hope my stories or content would sound like me in person. I would love to tell stories about the atmosphere of places, the way that a cafe can make me feel cool and hip, or the way a song makes me think of lyrics in a fresh way. Mostly though, it would be nice just to be able to write whatever was on my mind, in a non-ranting kind of environment. The hurdle is actually just getting started. Once you start, your voice will already be on the path of evolving and refining to the voice that works and fits for you.

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