Personal Brand: KatPChef #5

I try to be myself. I am a mom, a klutz, nowhere near being a culinary professional. I do like to laugh, like to teach, like to learn. I share how easy it can be. I like to host live videos on Facebook or Periscope. Stream live my cooking and laugh at my blunders – a common occurrence. I let myself be me. I take pictures of my kids, my pets, my family. I share the happy moments but have also shared some of the sad. I am a person. I am real. My bubbly personality shines through.

I have multiple platforms that I am on, and I am often on them. Communicating with me is fairly easy. I also involved myself in my community. I am not synonymous with my product but I am often quickly thought of when the questions about kitchen tools, recipes, skills are brought up.  I am dependent and reliable, all while being fun.

I am as honest as I can while answering any questions or concerns about my products, or when I am asked about recipes, tips, or skills. I try and ensure that what I share is true, fact checked, relevant, and
When I meet others I like to focus on them. I have great empathy towards others. I normally keep them in mind, and when I find I have something that may be able to help with some of their needs I share that information with them without any expectation of sales. I am honest. I go out my way to help out my customers and also ensure that what is best for them is met, putting my direct goals in the back at times.

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