Assignment #1 Blog # 7 Personal Reflection

Don’t you find it quite crazy when you look over at the calendar and stop in that one moment of time and think to yourself…. “where did that time go, it feels like yesterday since…” I feel that way current with how fast this online course went by for me.

“Okay” Well maybe, it had something to do with the fact my whole online experience was with a broken foot… so, you could say that it wasn’t hard for me to keep the focus on task. I took notes down daily and I will share with you biggest piece I have taken with me from the course Digital Communication COMM0014.



For me the story telling chapters became my favorite part about the course. I have always had a passion for history and I agree that story telling goes way back to the primitive of times. It goes as far back, as the drawings on the cave walls, and the ancient scrolls that are written in txt today. Ever since I have taken this course I feel as though my perspective on life has changed tremendously with one current key detail…. WE are all Story tellers. Stories are now written all over the world and the exciting part is that we have access to this at our fingertips because on social media. With stories being written, copied, transported and shared we can access a much wider audience with a new world of ideas and creativity.



By Shylow K

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