7 – Fact tells, stories sell

Once upon a time there was a girl. And that girl started a business.  She then discovered social media and wanted to share with the world all of her knowledge. She thought how great this is: so much information to be shared! Alas, she realised that those who she was trying to share all this great knowledge with did not want to read pages and pages of facts, statistic, and information. They preferred to watch cat videos, share pretty pictures of food, funny memes, keep up with the friends.

The light went off- people do not want to be spoken to. They want to engage in conversation, be amused, be treated as a person and not as a wallet. They want to learn – but they want to learn in simple and short ways.  So after that, she started sharing recipes, personal experiences, testimonials.

At the end of this course, I realised that sometimes what I WANT to share and what those reading want to see may not be the same.  Delivery is so important. I am aware that this is something that requires effort, practice, and *shudder* revision of past material. (Really not looking forward to looking at the quality of these blogs in the future – Here’s hoping that by then I have improved!)
So yes, I will try to convey my messages through stories, real live experiences, and events. It is more compelling and personal than facts, no matter how complex.

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