6 – Why I do what I do

Three years ago I met Laura. She is an active woman, who never needed to really feed herself save a quick meal here and there, often one of those prepared meals.
When she first came to a presentation, she was taken away on how the experience was not only on displaying kitchen tools, how it was a hands-on experience that allowed her to learn skills, recipes, and tips.
She ordered some of the items she fell in love with and took off on her own. Then she had two amazing daughters. She felt at first intimated by this new need to actually cook meals that were healthy for them, a struggle we all face.  I received many messages and questions from Laura,  asking for advice or experiences on meals.

The most defining moment is that when I received an email where she described how she was preparing a meal and had forgotten about it in the over. Afraid that it would be ruined she rushed to the kitchen to find that it was perfect. She was so happy that she had purchased my *magical pot*. She realised that it was true- that she COULD cook and that she needed to be afraid.
Now I love seeing her fabulous recipes and cooking that she does. She no longer needs me to push her, she has gained her independence in the kitchen. She stills asks me for tips and ideas here and there but knowing that what I have shown her, and the products that I loved became her favourite as well, just reinforced on why I love doing what I do so much.

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