COM0017-W17 • Blog 7 • Personal Reflection

Why is story telling important to creating great digital content?

Story telling opens the mind to the reader as to who you are (the story teller) are as person within a body of life experiences. Great story telling engages the reader, to experience an event real or imagined in their mind. What astounds me is my wife reads, actually devours books on a weekly basis, about fictional tragedies, love stories and mysteries all from a printed book. Online story telling takes that to a new and higher level by integrating images and videos by presenting and creating a sense of realism.

How will my content be guided by story?

My content will be guided by the experiences and the knowledge I accumulate as I complete my journey in life, whether they be work related or life related. Sometimes I may, if the subject matter moves me, comment online to events and opinions.

Amid the mind boggling amount of information on the internet, it makes me wonder how many different ways content is created. World events and society is a fluid mass moving oh so precipitously toward an unknown future, yet day in and day out society finds away of creating new story lines. That then becomes the crucible from which a story is created. Whether it be social, event or cultural issues there will always be a story tell. It is how we as story tellers weave the story to make it engaging and rewarding to read and watch.

What kind of stories will I tell?

The stories I will tell are going be reflections on what life has taught me and why we as a human race should take a moment each and everyday to appreciate this precious journey we share. Of course this is going to be relevant to the subject matter at hand, needless to say, each of us from the poor person on the street to the billionaire have a story tell, I hope to be able to either facilitate or respond to that as a story in an online blog.



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