COM0015- Post #4: Out Of Box

The need to stay fresh and interesting has always been important in social media marketing, regardless if you are selling a new product or promoting a non-profit organization. With the exponential growth in technology and information the demand for an innovative way of getting your message across. There are several exciting and unexpected tools that I’ve found to add video in the field of online marketing and social media. These tools make it easy to record and edit videos for social media marketing and ad campaigns. For example…

ScreenFlow – ScreenFlow is an easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac and my favorite. ScreenFlow allows to record the entire screen while also capturing my video camera, iOS device, microphone and computer audio.

  • Snagit – While Snagit has video recording and screen-capture ability, it doesn’t have the extensive editing features of other software. This is an easy, lower cost solution and  excellent option.

These are excellent desktop and mobile tools we can use to create Facebook and Instagram videos.

  • Facebook Slideshow – The  Facebook Slideshow tool recently rolled out to Ads Manager and Power Editor. If we have limited time and resources, it’s an easy way to create eye-catching ads with still images.

Image result for facebook slideshowImage result for facebook slideshow

Magisto – Magisto is a free app that automatically turns our everyday videos and photos into beautifully edited movies. It’s perfect for sharing on social channels and using in video ads. Magisto uses its own Emotion Sense technology to create a video trailer from the best parts of the video footage. You provide the footage and Magisto analyzes it and puts it together in a way that elicits an emotional response and tells a story.

Image result for MagistoImage result for Magisto

Using these tools from the toolbox for my social media marketing and ad campaigns really helped me to improve my visibility, reach and conversions.




2 thoughts on “COM0015- Post #4: Out Of Box

  1. That was a really great post. I had never thought of sing snagit or facebook slideshows. Thank you for opening my mind to something new and innovative! Where did you find Magisto? Do you find it easy to use?

    I especially like that you focussed on Mac product because I am a Mac user. Now I can apply this to my work!

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