COMM0014 Blog#7 How Storytelling will Help Veterans

Storytelling is the art of turning information into something that will both entertain and educate us by appealing to the human body’s senses, specifically: seeing and hearing all the while appealing to our imagination and emotions. For these reasons, social media plays a crucial role for storytellers since social media is all about real conversations with real human beings.

bruce-writingThat being said, there is already more digital content than any one human being will ever be able to read in their respective lifetime.  So the challenge for any blogger is to create content and “weave compelling stories” that readers will want to devote some of their precious time.  This outcome will only be achieved if the blogger is sensitive to the diverse nature and beliefs of his or her potential readers (e.g. target audience).

In my case, the stories will deal with veteran issues and they will be stories about veterans with a message of hope, guidance and resolution.  The ultimate goal would be to create stories that are “compelling, emotional and moving, but also raises people’s consciousness” about the plight surrounding veterans and their families.   I believe in the necessity of telling these stories and that good stories will be shared.  This will be my barometer of success – the number of shares.  Thanks to this particular course, I believe that my stories will be more “sticky” and shared more than ever before.

NB: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Royal Canadian Legion.


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