Assignment #5: Event Participation – Webinar : Video Goes Social: Why Video Marketing Matters — And How To Do It Right

I’m a video making professional – corporate, live, advertisement and educational. The majority of my work has been in making videos for social channels, exhibitions, events and TV. The traditional advertising industry is declining slowly and online video marketing on social media platforms is taking place. To keep me updated on new trends, I’m taking part in various events and webinars on video marketing.

I attended a webinar February 25th called “ Video Goes Social: Why Video Marketing Matters and How to do it Right” by Mari Smith – Social Media Thought Leader, Patrick Gillooly – Director of Digital Communication of Monster and Cameron Uganec – Senior Director, Growth Marketing & Education, Hootsuite.

The webinar was approximately about an hour, discussing the following points:

  • Why you need to move to a video-centric mindset for your social strategy
  • Effective ways to create (and find) engaging video content to share
  • How other brands are using video successfully—and what you can learn from their results

For success of social media strategy, Marie Smith highlighted some key points of Live Videos. This includes:

Optimize your Live Videos

  1. Plan ahead of time 
  2. What is the primary takeaway?
  • What is the main call of action?
  1. Short, compelling TITLE
  2. Encourage viewers to SUBSCRIBE
  3. Acknowledge commenters
  • Engage your community while LIVE
  1. Broadcast for 5-20 minutes or more

While it’s good content on live videos on social media, one thing I was really appreciative about this webinar, was addressing possible tips to produce impactful videos by Patrick Gillooly. This includes:

Produce impactful Videos

  1. Catch attention in first 3-seconds
  • Focus on quality from the first frame
  1. Storyboard
  2. Storytelling
  • B2B or B2C = P2P people to people
  •  As TIMELY & RELEVANT as the content your friends share.

Unfortunately, the webinar did not allow an opportunity to interact with the audience, but was just limited to questions and answers. I have one major concern with webinars that Face to Face interaction and personal understanding are lacking in online events.

Nonetheless, this is a good professional development exercise to improve the skills for social media.

3 thoughts on “Assignment #5: Event Participation – Webinar : Video Goes Social: Why Video Marketing Matters — And How To Do It Right

  1. That sounds like a really interesting webinar. How did you find it? I do love using hootsuite, how long have you been using it for?

    I found the outline you gave very succinct as well and helpful personally. Great insight!

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