Changing Perception


My name is Lee Galka. I am a Leasing Manager for a property management company in Ottawa, ON. The name of the company is Ferguslea Properties Ltd, who owns and manages the largest rental community in Canada, Accora Village. This portfolio consists of 2465 units from bachelor apartments to 4 bedroom Garden Homes. The demographics of our community can be seen as a wide range. Which at times,can make it difficult to speak to only one demographic without alienating another. In 2011, we took our product that was entering it’s mature stages in it’s life cycle and decided to rebrand and change the name from Bayshore to Accora Village. About two years later we saw an opportunity for growth and expansion. We decided to make a major investment in revitalizing our community. It is a $70 million plan that is projected to take about 10 years.


It is a plan that will take a lot of marketing efforts. We always were price competitive and now we are specification, design, lifestyle and service competitive. Being an older community, our challenge will be not to sell a product per say but more to change perception. How can we convince the market that we are going from $950/month 1 bed  apartments to $1520/month 1 bed apartments? and justify it?


I feel that Social Media has helped us thus far. Not by driving  us to leads/conversions but by bringing awareness and spreading the word on what we are doing. We have seen some great results and it allowed us to see our audience share opinions and feedback on our product.  It has opened a door for us and spoke largely to our bulls eye demographic, the millennials. I am looking forward to sharing our journey in our path to revitalization.


facebook-logo-png-transparent-background-llch-300x225AccoraVillage Facebook Page



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