COM0014 – Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

Verbally telling a story has always been easy for me. I time myself well, I can capture people’s attention, and I don’t miss a beat. The same can’t be said for writing. It takes me so much longer! Before I started my career as a PR practitioner and a marketer, I was continually writing, editing, over and over and sometimes my story takes on a new direction that wasn’t originally intended. Over time I had honed my writing – it took time for me to get there. But that’s okay.


I learned that simple is so much better. I can be too wordy. This class re-taught me on how to focus on specific tidbits of information and disseminate using the appropriate tools and mechanisms.


I want to leave an impression in my stories. I want to leave people wanting more. I think any prospective writer wants that. Blogging gave me a chance to connect with a group but also maintain a semblance of privacy. It is a genuine social media catch-22.


As my career path is up for a change in the coming months (September I am looking at you), I can honestly say I feel better suited to the challenge. I can’t say I am looking forward to the interviews that I will be partaking in but on paper and in my head, I am confident in my new path.

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