COMM0015- Blog #3:Professional Networking

I think I have a pretty good strategy for developing my professional network, online and in person. I take a lot of time to try and keep up to date with a lot of the hit and up and coming businesses online and follow any new information they have. I interact online, liking pictures, posting comments, but mostly paying attention to what is going on. I’ve found that a lot of the local businesses run in the same circle, so paying attention to who’s having a pop up event where really helps me to be informed if there is any new business or new products coming out. I’ve been keeping track of all the local markets or events being hosted where a lot of the vendors that I’m following and interacting with online, will be at. I usually end up going to these events and browse the products for sale and end up talking to the vendors. These people are super friendly and encourage questions, especially since they want to grow their brand. I plan to keep heading out to these events, and hopefully get in contact with someone that will let me do a review of some kind for these events, so it makes all my chatting worth it. Being involved online is like being involved behind the scenes, so it is important to have that element incorporated in my strategy as much as having good people skills is important to my strategy.


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