COMM0014- Blog #6- Greatest Achievement

“Mom, I’m getting a cat.” At first my mother was confused. She didn’t understand what I was asking of her. “Mom, I want to buy a cat. I did my research and everything. I want a Ragamuffin and there’s a breeder in Brampton. I think now is the right time. Can I get one?” See, my mother is ‘allergic’ to cats and dogs. I air quote it because we had a dog, a Shih Tzu, and she never seemed allergic in the common sense of needing an epipen or anything like that. She says to me. “Okay, if you think you are ready, tell me how you’ll take care of it.”

From that moment on, it was a  whirlwind of drama, emotions, cash, and arguments. I knew she could tell I was emotionally and mentally ready for this commitment; I had been wanting a cat since I was a little girl, and my feelings for them have never changed. Over the course of 3 months, I went from putting a deposit down on a kitten, to waiting for the mother to have the litter of kittens, to finding out she had a false pregnancy, to having an emotional breakdown about the lack of communication between myself and the breeders and the fact that I wouldn’t have a kitten until June (when my original time frame was April), to eventually cancelling my deposit because I was not happy or satisfied with the service I was receiving from the breeders. It was an extremely low point for me.
But, one happy day, as my boyfriend and I were leaving Broadway’s after eating breakfast, we decided to go into my favorite pet store next door. We browse, and then stumble upon a beautiful all white, blue eyed beauty. We adopted her 2 days later. Her name is Winter, she is a special needs cat because she is deaf, and she loves food. She’s been the brightest light in my life since. We were so happy to have found her and everything surrounding her adoption and bringing her home worked out. There were no bumps or struggles; it just worked. Then a happy occurrence happened. One day I was creeping the breeder site that I was originally planning on getting my cat from, out of spite obviously. I come across the mother of the litter of kittens I was suppose to have, up for adoption. I couldn’t believe it. She was everything I wanted, and for a discounted price. It was like I was meant to go through all these struggles just to end up with the perfect prize at the end. We got Magic 2 months later, and she is the sweetest, most gentle, ball of fluff that you could imagine.

My two cats have shown me such joy, love, and tenderness. They have taught me to expand my heart, to be responsible for a living thing, and to be forgiving of mistakes. They are my greatest achievements.


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