What is your secret wish for your business?

My personal goal: To build my online business, this creates residual income to help publish my book(s).

My business was given to me from “My Angel” I  would call it. I just graduated from Business- Sales and Marketing at the time that I met my business partner Chantal Julien.





My business deals with online telecom and banking industries (If you would like to learn more click here>> I met Chantal because my father was working on her truck and I didn’t think that 2 years later we would be running a business online and meeting new people. My company website is This website can people potentially save hundreds of dollars a year for people’s essential bills.



My secret wish, is for this business to grow over the next 3 years. I enjoy helping people in any way possible and I only wish to have people join me in my on going success. I find that it is the greatest feeling ever, when you can offer people an opportunity as another stream of income or another opportunity to help them and their family out personally. I also  want to be able to work towards my own personal growth, I want to see a whole NEW me from the hours of self development I put in.

My only wish is to help others like me who are looking for that one opportunity to help them out financially.


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