COM0014W17 • Blog #6 • The birth of a corporation …

On June 8, 1993, I incorporated my business gls dezign inc.

In reality the journey to that momentous occasion was planted years earlier. In 1987 I applied for a part-time professor position in the Algonquin College Daytime Graphic Design Program. For my interview I brought in a portable Mac SE computer and proceeded to show two professors how I designed a full colour booklet using the Mac with a grey scale monitor and Desktop Publishing Software. They were impressed and hired me to teach Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing to second year students in the french stream.

By chance in spring of 1989 I was introduced to the Gilles Aubry, the Director of Continuing Education at Algonquin College. At the time Gilles Aubry was looking for someone to be the Continuing Education Coordinator for its evening Desktop Publishing Program. He was impressed with what I accomplished for the daytime program, Gilles hired me and asked to review the existing program and present a budget for the next year.

Over the next 3 years I evolved Algonquin College’s Continuing Education evening Desktop Publishing program from a menu of 6 courses to over 42 courses, introducing the revolutionary courses “Hello Mac and “Hello PC”  which explained to students on how to use windows based computers, maintain and fix them. In three years under my direction and vision, the number of students in the program grew by 300% and revenue increased
by 275%.

One of the courses in the Evening Desktop Publishing Program that I taught was Pagemaker, in that course there was a writer buy the name of Ronald Baynes, Baynes Communications. During a teaching session one evening, he requested my phone number and asked if he could contact me in the event he need help with his projects. Three months after that fateful evening course he called me up and asked for help. I Desktop Published a few projects for him, after that he asked me to be a strategic partner.

The strategic partnership with Ronald Baynes led to a wealth contacts and contracts in the Federal Government, in 1997 I resigned from my full time job as a Desktop Publishing Supervisor at the City of Ottawa to concentrate on running gls dezign inc full time.

On June 8th, 2018 gls dezign inc will reach its 25th year anniversary.





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