COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

One of my favoutite things about working at the public library is our connection to the people in our community.  They depend on us for help researching information and with technology based questions.  One customer service story has stood out to me over the years as one of my favourites, and I wanted to share it with you.

We had a gentleman come in who confessed that he lacked any computer skills but needed to get on a public computer to download and print a form.  I could tell he was slightly embarrassed and not too excited to be there.  I wasn’t running a one-on-on tech session at the time but figured if he left, he wouldn’t have come back again.  I showed him the basics and walked him through a few things so he could obtain the form.  Afterwards I left him be in the hopes that he would stay a bit longer and familiarize himself with the computer.  I told him I was happy to help with any questions that arose while he surfed.  He didn’t stay for long and he thanked me for my assistance as he left.   A few days later the same gentleman came in and logged in.  He saw me and again I let him know I was here to help if needed.

Fast forward to two years later and he comes in frequently to to use the computer on his own.  He continues to thank me for my initial assistance the first day he came in.  It is so rewarding seeing that the short time I set aside for has him now fairly computer savvy.  It really is worth giving that extra time for our patrons.  He’s now a life-long public library supporter and frequent library user.


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