COM0014- Blog #6 – My Crazy Childhood

Blog # 6



  What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?


I am about to talk about my vulnerable side, so folks be ready.


When I was Kid I didn’t have lots of opportunities at my fingertips, unlike Canada. I was raised up as part of a minority group in Afghanistan. I used to go to a public school, where we did not have a real classroom. There was not enough building, no rooms, no chairs, no tables, no desks, forget about whiteboards and technological tools not even a clear black board. Our class was in an old tent. It was provided by unicef. Some students, who were “rich” used to bring their own chairs. In the summer we used to wet our cloths with cold water so that we feel cold with the blow of wind, if there was any. For the winter, if the weather was tool cold, our teachers would join our class with other class, that were inside the building. The funny part is that our teacher would join our class with different class however we had different subjects. Our teachers would teach us in turns. Anyways, it was fun and a bit challenging. Then we moved to a different city. Time flied so quickly, that I become grade 11. Different international organizations start doing business in our Country. Real school were build, our old teacher retired from their jobs. New, educated and trained teachers were hired in schools. I get to appreciate every new single opportunity that were provided for us. I know every single person in this world is fighting against something and have gone through different challenges. So do I, my childhood is what made me today. I happy in a way to get to experience what poverty really feels like. I think it made to be aware about real world.

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