COMM-0014 Blog Post#6 So now you know the rest of our story.

Day in and day out, orders come in, they’re processed packed and shipped to customers who expect their delivery the next day on time and complete.  In the central warehouse alone, 50 to 60 people are responsible for keeping customers happy and supplied with what they need to carry out there own day to day duties.  Sounds like a simple concept; orders in, product out, nothing to it, such is the role of a supply company. But this company wants to be something different.  Oh, sure they can deliver the goods, but so can their competitors and sometimes they can do it for less.  So this company wants their customers to know that they offer more.  There is more that customers should be looking for and more they should expect from their suppliers.  The industry is changing and who better to help you adapt to the changes than the people with whom you have a daily relationship.  The Field Sales consultant who brings your information and helps you with your inquiries,  the customer service rep who assists you in getting the right supplies, they all want you to know that there is more and they can deliver it as well.

The world of digital is quickly advancing in the industry.  Diagnostics, communications and even your daily ordering are all being effected.  Who would you turn to for help with these fast paced changes?  The people you work with everyday want you to know that they can do more.  They want you to think of more than cotton rolls and resin re-enforced glass ionomers when you think of them.  Think of a network of over 240 digital specialists with training in laboratory products, software, hardware and training skills.  Think of a group of people who work with your colleagues every day and can do the same for you.  Experienced and exceptional, just like the people in your supply chain. Part of your supply chain.  We are more than supplies. We are Connect Dental and we can help you succeed.  We want to be more so you can do more.  We’ll focus on on your practice so you can focus on your patients.  This is the new indentity of Henry Schein. So now you know the rest of our story!

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