COM0014 • Post 5 • Personal Brand

gls dezign inc • the imagineer

On June 8, 1993, I incorporated my business gls dezign inc., sometime around the turn of century 2000 or 2001 I began using the moniker the imagineer.

My brand is gls dezign inc run by the yours truly the imagineer.

What sets the gls dezign inc brand apart from its competitors is the ostrich, the web site presents vistas of deserts and landscapes. The images given rise to the peace and tranquilly found when successful creative solution are delivered and applied. We are know as the ostrich people.

What sets me the imagineer apart?  The imagineer is a resourceful, creative doer who has the uncanny ability to take complex design challenges and distill them down simple creative solutions. The imagineer is a creative ninja otherwise a jack of all master of no trades. I have taken on projects other agencies have refused. For example in 2015, Environment Canada required series of maps for the Great Lakes Waters Basins to be created using GIS software and supplied as Adobe Illustrator printable maps. Of the 8 firms sent the Request for Proposal, I was the only firm to respond. In that project, I learned GIS software, created and designed a family of maps (printable pdf and google view able) showing the Great Lakes Water Basins through the assembly of digital GIS data from a diverse set of sources.

I am very proud that to say, with little or no experience and I have taken on tasks and brought them to a successful conclusion. A great example, back in 1998 I was designing and producing various publications for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade aka DFAIT, they needed a document laid out in Arabic. I had already laid out Chinese,  Japanese and a few other foreign languages. I agreed to do the job, the challenge with Arabic is you have lay out the text as a mirror image of the english. The other unique aspect of Arabic books is the text is read from right to left and back to front, completely opposite of english. Talk about a brain teaser.

My most recent accomplishment, this week, February 21, 2017, I won a contract to work as a Project Manager with the National Research Council of Canada (NRCan). The year long contract with NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency requires me to create Digital Engagement Campaign to provide Canadians with relevant, timely information and online interaction on energy efficiency.  This project will stretch my skills an abilities to new heights.

I take great pride in being able to evolve my business with technology, over the years I have successfully navigated the ebb and flow of a small business with no formal training. The new contract with NRCan is an example of that very evolution.

My colleagues would say they are amazed that I have been able to remain in business using and embracing technology along the way.


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