Impacts of Social Media..



In any corner of the world one can connect to the social media. No matter where you are even in Dubai, China or somewhere else you can contact easily with anyone who is living so many seas far. This thing has positive effects but on the other hand it has negative effects too.

Positive Effects:

Communication: The first good thing for using social media site is that it is allowing you to contact or communicate with family, friends and even overseas person who one want to contact. This has given big opportunity for business person to grow their business.

Writers and Bloggers: They are offering the social networking sites opportunity for them to connect with customers to share articles and products. The article posted on social networking sites can be shared by the people and may help to increase your followers.

Bring people together: This is the platform where we can unite people together having same interest. This thing helps to bring positivity among the people. It helps to increase the contacts business to business.



Negative effects

Addiction: Today most of the people are getting addicted to the social networking. There are spending countless hours on these sites especially our youth. This results in bad impact on health, student education etc. It is diverting the student mind from education to social network sites.

Decreasing Personal contacts: we used to see so many children in the parks playing around but now you will rarely see children playing outdoor games. Everybody is getting indulge into this trap which results decreasing personal contacts. They are being introduced to the social sites at very early stage which is having bad impacts.

Facebook: social media sites impacting the society.

Twitter:  Pros and Cons of Social Media.  #socialmediaimpacts #Prosandcons






2 thoughts on “Impacts of Social Media..

  1. Very good job, good points aswell, one thing for you to do next time is end your blog with a question so people can engage with the blog

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