The Facebook Success of Iqaluit Sell and Swap

Nunavut is short on shopping options. We have very few stores in our communities and what is available is high in price and low on choice. Several years ago, an Iqaluit resident helped changed this by creating a Facebook group called Iqaluit Sell and Swap,

With nearly 25,000 members and growing daily, it continues to be one of the most vibrant and successful social media sites in Nunavut. I love it: It’s like an online garage sale full of interesting and necessary things you’ve been looking for forever.

Sure, I shop online at Amazon or Old Navy, but Iqaluit Sell and Swap, and similar sell and swap sites in other Nunavut communities, have given residents of Nunavut access to a closer online market stocked with new and used items that make sense to our lives North of 60. Whether you’re looking to sell a polar bear hide or buy a parka or mitts designed to withstand minus 50 windchill, Iqaluit Sell and Swap is the place to look.

Every day, a constant stream of new items is advertised for sale, including traditional and modern Inuit clothing, artwork, housewares, houses, vehicles, tools and food. Iqaluit Sell and Swap has something for everyone. And the beauty of it: it’s 100 per cent free to advertise your wares. Say good-bye to classified ad fees. You just need access to your Facebook account.

Prices are generally reasonable, and have led to significant inter-community sales in Nunavut, and to other parts of Canada. For example, the harvest of caribou on Baffin Island is currently limited to give local herds time to repopulate. In the central and western regions of Nunavut, the herds are more populous so often, hunters advertise their fresh catch for sale on Iqaluit Sell and Swap. Facebook has been so successfully used by hunters that wildlife officials warn of possible adverse impacts on other herds, and local airlines are struggling to keep up with the demand for cargo services.

Similarly, many Nunavut artists have had great success in selling their products worldwide using this Facebook site, as well as their own personal Facebook pages. Iqaluit Sell and Swap has provided filmmakers, artists, jewelers, musicians, writers and seamstresses with a free tool to reach international markets and audiences.

And if you can’t find the item you’re looking for listed on the site, simply post a want-to-buy (WTB) message and chances are within a few days you’ll have exactly what you wanted.

But, buyer beware: more and more people are using Iqaluit Sell and Swap fraudulently. People pay for items they never recieve or in some cases, the item they receive is not what they paid for. Just like when using any social media site for any purpose, exercise extreme caution.

So, whether you live in a remote community with little access to shopping options or you just want to shake up your online shopping experience, start a Facebook sell and swap site. You won’t regret it. Happy shopping.

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Looking to buy a polar bear hide or sell your mother’s wedding dress? Have we got a site for you! Check our Iqaluit Sell and Swap,

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Looking to buy a polar bear hide or sell your wedding dress? Something 4 everyone. Check our Iqaluit Sell and Swap,


4 thoughts on “The Facebook Success of Iqaluit Sell and Swap

  1. Your blogs are always entertaining and I love how you share your experiences of life North of 60. I think it is great that social media is being used in your community to connect people and to provide an outlet for Nunavut artists to sell their wares worldwide – that is fantastic. I see that Oreo cookies are popular North of 60 ;).

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