Staying sane. Enjoying the game.

Are you still trying to organize your sports teams using email? Does this make it difficult to keep track of who’s coming to which game or practice and who’s not? Does sharing photos of your team’s events seem like more of a burden than a joy?

Maybe you need an online team management system.

There are lots to choose from offering similar capabilities, so deciding which one to use will likely be a decision about whether you want to spend additional money for a more extensive paid service and which interface works best for you.

The Basics

All of these apps replace the traditional tools of the coach, manager and player parent, like the clipboard, the telephone and the email used to send photos around to the whole team. And they offer much more besides.

They all offer a place to list games and practices, allow players to indicate their availability, keep team lists and statistics, and set up pre-event alerts. You can designate people to certain roles, and ensure everyone knows who’s bringing the snack or who’s working the clock. Most of them also allow parents to make team payments through them, eliminating the need to deal with cheques or bank transfers and lists of who’s paid and who hasn’t.

You can also synch the schedule with your calendar and share it with others. You can post and share photos easily, and for those who like to keep statistics, you can do that, too.

Free Offerings and Upgrades

All the apps offer free options, and some, such Teamer and Teamstuff, are entirely free, making their money on transaction fees or advertising. Other apps, like TeamSnap and RosterBot, offer a free plan as well as and one or more paid plans offering greater services. And they’re all optimized for mobile devices, too.

Beyond the Basics

TeamSnap even includes a Community section with blog posts and podcasts related to amateur sports on topics like communications for coaches, concussions, and easing the stress of athletes’ parents. It also has extensive skills and drills for numerous sports, all of which can be accessed without a membership.

Spoiled for Choice

The bid by numerous companies to get a small slice of the youth sports market, which was worth $5.7 billion in Canada in 2014, according to a Solutions Research Group study, is a good thing for the coaches, manager and parents.

It means we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to sports management apps, and the competition keeps pushing the companies to make them better.

What about you? Do you have a favourite sports management app? What was the worst thing about managing communications for a sports team before these apps came along?



Are you still managing an amateur sports team with a clipboard and a telephone? You need a sports management app. Read my blog to find out what some of the benefits are.



Amateur sports team manager, coach, player parent? A management app can help keep everything organized. #sportssanity


Photo: Pixabay





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