Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens


Most adolescents on the planet today don’t recollect a period when there wasn’t some type of online networking. Online networking is turning out to be more than only a piece of their reality, it’s turning into their reality. High schoolers are investing increasingly energy on the web, as a rule on a web-based social networking stage like Facebook or Twitter, and their online life is not simply remaining on their PC at home. Most adolescents now have cell phones where they are via web-based networking media organizes all for the duration of the day. They are continually messaging, tweeting, and posting pictures by means of Snapchat and Instagram.

Always connected. 

facebook.jpgToday high schoolers don’t know how to separate. Web-based social networking has permitted them to end their life on the web and as opposed to stating farewell to companions at school and holding up to see them the following day, they simply go home and hop on their most loved web-based social networking system and connect with them for whatever remains of the day. With the ascent of PDAs, for example, the well-known iPhone, high schoolers don’t need to hold up to return home. They can now cooperate through online networking on their path home with the assistance of their cell phones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the various well known online networking stages are in that spot on their telephones. One reason this “constantly associated” movement is destructive is a result of the disturbing pattern of cyber bullying. Guardians recall when tormenting just occurred at school or on the transport. When you returned home with your family you were sheltered. In any case, tormenting has now moved from not exclusively being in the school and on the transport, however on the web. What does this mean? On the off chance that a youngster is getting harassed, they can’t make tracks in an opposite direction from it! The general population tormenting them basically proceed with their harassing by means of online networking

More comfortable, less sensitive.

Another effect web-based social networking has had on high schoolers is adolescents being more agreeable web based doing things that they ought to be touchier to doing. Sexting is an immaculate case of how agreeable high schoolers are on the web. Numerous youngsters today are not sufficiently happy to take part in physical sexual action face to face with somebody, yet are more than agreeable to take an interest in sexual action online with somebody. Web-based social networking applications like Snapchat make this amazingly simple for teenagers. Adolescents feel “safe” behind their PC screen or telephone so they will post naked or semi-bare pictures. On the other hand, they will participate in the sexual discussion through Facebook informing, visit or messaging, yet would not be agreeable to have those discussions face to face. Are all adolescents utilizing online networking for sexting and stuff that way? Unquestionably not, but rather many are. Regardless of what it is, sexting or harassing, high schoolers are more open to doing stuff behind their screens than they are face to face. Online networking has made this less demanding for them to grasp stuff they would not generally grasp since they can do it “securely” behind a screen.

 Identity crisis.


The area above makes it extremely clear that teenagers today who are exceedingly occupied with web-based social networking are having a personality emergency. Not every one of them is, but rather numerous high schoolers are another person via web-based networking media than they are the point at which they are with their family or potentially church if they are included there. Online networking has made it simple for teenagers to not be comprised and have a “twofold life.” Every day I see youngsters who tweet and post things on Facebook that absolutely repudiate what their folks, or others that know them by and by, consider them.

Has online networking destroyed young people? I don’t think so. Nonetheless, there has been some negative impacts on teenagers because of web-based social networking. It’s essential to recall these things when raising or tending to a young person. Online networking has and is changing the way they live. It is affecting their identity, what they do, and how they interface. The things above are only a couple of the negative impacts I see online networking having on teenagers. In the comments segment underneath, I’d love to hear your contemplations and how you see web-based social networking negatively affecting youngsters.

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One thought on “Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens

  1. I myself experience bullying in elementary and high school. I cannot even fathom what that must be like today with everyone on social media. My relief came at the end of the day when I got to go home and escape it all. These days there is no escape. You experience it in person at school and now online, for everyone to see online when you go home! Also, through social media bullying can be far more insidious, because it is far less likely to be observed by an adult, so there is much less fear of repercussions. I cant imagine the effect that this must be having on young people these days, never being able to have a safe place away from the bullying. With so many stories in the news about young people hurting themselves or even taking their lives because of online bullying, I think there really needs to be a major effort on the part of schools and parents to increase awareness and educate young people on the dangers of their online behaviours. Just because you are behind a screen, doesn’t mean your words don’t have consequences.

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