My Top 4 Bloggers and Vloggers

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve decided to tell all of you about my favourite Bloggers and Vloggers! I’ve always had an interest in both YouTube and Blogs as a potential career path and these awesome women have made their livelihoods around different platforms. So let’s jump in!

1. Love Taza

I have mentioned the blog Love Taza a couple of times since starting this course and honestly, I think that I love it more and more everyday. Naomi Davis just posts about her adorable family, travel tips, New York City, occasionally make up and FOOD. You can never go wrong with someone who posts about food. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos in a series with her husband Josh, titled “Let’s Chat!” and travel videos. Here is her most recent Let’s Chat about Valentines Day. I love how positive she is and how her content is always different and unique!

2. Aww Sam

If you love pink, unicorns and do-it-yourself projects, Aww Sam is DEFINITELY a blog you need to check out. I found Aww Sam via her Instagram and all I could think was “PINK.” Sam is constantly posting really different and new d.i.y. projects and always has a photos to break down the project into steps, which I think is super helpful. Her site also has a search feature where you can navigate to different projects and posts via her favourite things, like cake, donuts, and emojis. Here is a link to my favourite d.i.y. project from Aww Sam, a recipe for a Giant S’more Cake!


Giant S’more Cake from Aww Sam

3. Anna Saccone

As someone who literally has her life filmed on the daily, I sincerely look up to Anna Saccone for working on her own YouTube channel AND blog, while raising a family, with another baby on the way. She is super mom. Anna is constantly trying to better herself and is always working hard whenever you see her. I enjoy her YouTube channel because it has a great balance between fitness and food. She uploads a series call “What I Ate Wednesday” where she vlogs what she eats and talks about different recipes she makes. You can check out one of her “What I Ate Wednesday”‘s here.


A picture from one of Anna’s “What I Ate Wednesday” blog posts

4. Tanya Burr

Finally, Tanya Burr has probably been my biggest inspiration. I’ve watched Tanya Burr since 2012 and I never tire of her YouTube videos. Her content focus’ on fashion, baking and make-up tutorials. She recently released a book called “Love, Tanya.” which features recipes, life tips, relationship advice and so much more. One thing that made me fall in love with Tanya Burr was her Christmas Vlogs or Vlogmas, which is daily vlogging every day till Christmas. Here is one of Tan’s baking videos for you guys to check out!

I hope you guys enjoyed my post!

Do you have any favourite bloggers/vloggers? Let me know in the comments below!

-Katie 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My Top 4 Bloggers and Vloggers

  1. Hi Katie,

    I definitely have blogs that I follow daily. By using bloglovin I get regular posts from the blogs I follow in one email. It is easy to view the ones I want to see that day. Half Baked Harvest and Deliciously Ella are two of my favourites. Your comment on Anna’s, What I ate on Wednesday, is refreshingly simple. She seems to have a green theme happening in the post you highlighted.


  2. Hi. I also am a fan of YouTube videos, although the majority of mine tend to be more beauty/lifestyle etc then DIY. I do follow Anna Saccone on Instagram though and I have heard of Tanya Burr as I watch her friend FleurdeForce’s channel. Some of my other favorites are GlamLifeGuru and RachLoves. I also watch a channel called Mom the eBayer. The host is a dumpster diver and you would not believe some of the things she finds.

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