Superhero grocery shopping apps to the rescue.


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Ever make a grocery list only to leave it on your dining room table? Buy 10 things that you never planned on and forget the 3 things you needed? Diligently clipped coupons only to forget them in your other purse? Forget to tell your spouse to pick up some milk and eggs?

Grocery apps are here to save the day with everything from meal planning, to grocery list making, to coupon clipping.


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Checkout 51

An app that gives you money back on your purchases? No more coupon clipping? Saving on the brands that you love? Checkout 51 shows you what products you can get money back on and after purchasing, easily photograph and upload your receipt via the app. Once approved, the money is added to your account and mailed to you once you reach $20 worth of refunds.


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Redflag Deals

Looking for a deal on everything from dish soap to tissue paper to cheese? Redflag deals has discounts from not only your local grocery stores but all Canadian retailers. Known as the app for the “where Canadians save.” If there is a deal to be had, this app will help you find it.


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Meal Board

Combining weekly meal planning by helping users browse a wide range of recipes, then creating a custom meal plan which generates a grocery list, this app gets you organized before you even get to the grocery store. Favourite recipes can be saved and best of all, you can keep track of your pantry items, leaving the guesswork out of grocery list making.


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Out of Milk

Take your grocery list with you wherever you go. Share your list with others in your family so everyone can be updated, create customized to-do lists and an updated pantry inventory list. Toting itself as the #1 most used grocery list app, the aim is to make shopping lists easier for creating, syncing, and sharing.


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Forget those weekly flyers delivered to your door, Flipp takes them all and puts them on your phone is an easy, searchable app. Make the grocery list and each product item will have flyer deals attached enabling the user to find the best store for the items on their list and for the best prices.

Flipp aims to “reinvent the weekly shopping experience” by making the entire experience digital and easily manageable saving you time, hassle and eliminates taking out a full recycling box stuffed with flyers every week.


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Ever been frustrated by two people blocking the entire aisle while they catch up on the latest news? Dealt with long line-ups at the cash registers or shoppers with 15 items in an express line?  How about forgetting a bag with melted ice cream in the back of your car? Or getting stuck with the dreaded shopping cart complete with a wonky wheel that makes you drive into lane blocking displays?

There may not be an app for the absolute worst parts of grocery shopping yet, but by using a few superhero apps, you will be able to make grocery lists like a pro, meals like an expert and become a money saving master.

If you were to invent an app to make the grocery shopping experience better, what would it be? I would love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Superhero grocery shopping apps to the rescue.

  1. Great blog!!! online marketplaces that connect buyers with sellers directly offer great opportunities for savings. Flipp is the essential app for your weekly shopping and I use it daily. And I have the Stocard which lets you store your retail loyalty cards in one simple app. However, I’m not familiar with the additional apps but this is an eye opener. Reinvent your weekly shopping experience indeed! these apps are very helpful. If I were to invent an app to make the grocery shopping experience better I’d go for online grocery shopping and delivery. It’s very convenient for stay at home moms,people who don’t drive or anyone.

    • Thanks so much Joey! Yes, I use Flipp weekly as well. I love the feature that stores the items that you frequently use as icons so you can quickly put together a list just by clicking. I will have to check out the Stocard app. That sounds amazing since I carry two wallets, one with just the basics and the other with all of my store cards. Would be great to get rid of one wallet!

      Check out my blog about click and collect: If this service is available in your area, it would be super helpful with online grocery shopping. Thanks so much for your comments! 😀

  2. Hi Mirandaxmax
    I loved Your blog. technology has increased such wider that we can buy grocery just by sitting at home. Its a great way of getting buyer into the market without being physically present. I had never used these apps but I will start using it. This thing will save and time and cost. Once again great Blog.

  3. Wow this was a great blog and very helpful too! I had no idea about these grocery shopping apps, I just signed up for the Checkout 51 app to try it out. Who knows if I will remember i have an account but seems like a very good idea! haha Thanks for the helpful sites!

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