COMM0014 Blog#5 Veterans Matter

As a fourth generation military member, who also has a son that is currently in the Canadian military, our family has seen its fair share of injured and disabled veterans and of loss to defend this great country.  Our legacy is one that few other Canadian family’s share.  It is a legacy that has been purchased through considerable sacrifice to defend our human rights and freedoms as well as our constitutional monarchy.

National Remembrance Day Ceremony

As a fourth generation baby boomer veteran, I understand that veterans matter.  Author (middle)

For my part, I am a military college graduate and former officer in the Reserve and Regular Force.  During my final years in the military, I worked as a public affairs officer.  After I retired from the military, I worked as the Manager of Communications for The Royal Canadian Legion – Canada’s largest traditional veterans’ based not-for-profit organization.

I have a unique understanding of the Canadian military.  Furthermore, my blog would add value to the discussion among the traditional and virtual veteran communities as well as the traditional and social media because they would be neutral without the bias associated with traditional veterans’ organization’s self-interests.  In short, my brand would be accountable to all veterans and beholden to no one.

The military has shaped many facets of my entire personal and professional life.  It has also given me a unique understanding of the Canadian military as it relates to defence policy, veterans issues, the importance of Remembrance and the positive impact our veterans have in our communities. These issues can be grouped into a short yet effective mission statement I like to call: “Veterans Matter.”

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