Why I love BatDad

Husband, father, part-time Batman – what’s not to love?

Once you watch a video, you’ll love the goofiness of it all.  Each video is short, but the silly scenarios he comes up with have you laughing.  The candid retorts of the kids may cause your cheeks to hurt from smiling so much.

Mostly, I love to watch his creativity.  Is there anything more entertaining than seeing someone live their passion? It’s not the same thing every video.  Each video revolves around a theme, but they are all uniquely funny.  It gives credit to the idea taught to us a few weeks ago about personal branding.  Video after video, he is his fun-loving self and makes no apologies about his wacky shenanigans.

What really is great about these short videos is that they will be there for him and his wife to look back on in years to come, but even better is that the kids will have this, too and that is heart-warming.

Keep on keepin’ on Batdad!


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