Pinterest really is the ideas place

balloonsPinterest is one app that I can’t seem to get enough of.  From recipes, gardening ideas, to kid’s crafts, anything you could ever hope to find is on Pinterest.  I have had to put strict limitations on my Pinterest browsing or else I can get lost in a sea of pictures…Or Pins .

I am a Pinterest party planner.  I think my dream job we be event planning.  I live for it.  I love throwing super fun parties for my little monkeys.   DIY should have been my middle name.  I really wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of my trusty toolbox.  By that I mean Pinterest, scissors and craft paper and glitter.  Always glitter.  Be warned though, there should be a disclaimer about proceeding with caution when operating Pinterest.  Something along the lines of “risk of addiction highly likely”, or “clock speeds up 5x faster while operating”.  However long you spend pinning, there is something for everyone.

Last July, we planned a Summer party.  Normally I would google fun food ideas, decorations, and activities.  With Pinterest, there was no need.  I wrote “Kids Summer Party” and everything I could ever need to know about hosting the perfect party was displayed in front of me in technicolor splendor.  I should correct that.  Displayed in full 1080p High Definition.  Does anyone else remember technicolor or is it just me?  Don’t get me wrong, I love google and find it helpful in certain situations.  However helpful google is, there always seems to be a lot of unnecessary searching.  Sifting through page after page to find what you are looking for.  Not with Pinterest.  Pictures keep loading as you scroll down.  Not only do you get to see pictures immediately, but it is constantly loading more below.  No need to access new pages every few links.

           beach-cupcakes          games

With a few simple keyword combinations, I was able to get everything I needed to plan the perfect party.  Not only does Pinterest show ideas, it allows you to pin them to your own “boards” to save for later or share.  Like Twitter, Pinterest allows you to follow different users as well as have others follow you.  Pins can be saved to your own board or sent to other subscribers.  There is even the option to edit pins and mark if you have tried them or not.


Once you have selected a picture that you like, there is always a link to send you to either the DIY instructions page, or the vendor where you can purchase the item.  We bought printable photo-booth props which were amazing!

Pinterest is helpful for finding ideas for many things.  Not just parties.  I have different boards for different topics.  You can have as many as you want and label them whatever you like and add to them as you find new things to like and try.  Being able to save pins is much easier than saving bookmarks because it is much easier to scan through pictures for a specific pin rather than a list of websites that may not be clear regarding their contents.

If you haven’t already tried it for yourself, I strongly suggest you take a look…Just make sure you have a few spare hours before you get started!

For those of you who have yet to join – PC Mag wrote a great article titled “How to Use Pinterest for Beginners

facebook A place to become inspired – Pinterest really is the ideas place

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest really is the ideas place

  1. Great Post. Pinterest is the inspiration stick. Pass it on! If you are short of ideas, Pinterest never fails. It inspires and sparked creativity within, while someone will gain inspiration from your ideas. Great community. It’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Pinterest was a life-saver when planning a wedding. I even posted how-to’s and final productions of the things I made! I just had a blast using Pinterest.

  3. Hi Liz, I am a Pinterest addict as well! I love it! It is so user-friendly and can help you with every DIY project. I mainly use it for recipes and since using Pinterest I have really come a long way in my cooking ability 🙂 On the flip side, #PinterestFails are also fun to read about and I love scrolling through photos of projects gone wrong. One Pinterest Fail I had was a Minecraft birthday cake that was supposed to look like a “creeper” but ended up having a wonky face and being the wrong shade of green (luckily the kids were nice about it lol). Do you have any Pinterest Fail tales?

  4. I love that you related party planning on Pinterest to being an Event Planner. As an event planner I can gladly say, Pinterest is a planners best friend. Whether you are looking for decor/theme ideas, games, organization tips, how to’s. Pinterest is that place to go. I have no idea how someone planned an event before Pinterest was a thing..

  5. I love Pinterest and I check it everyday just to explore some new ideas and pins. I have created so many different boards to pin the amazing stuff that I check quickly when scrolling down on my phone to read it later. I love the recipes, house decor ideas, inspirational quotes and fashion. There is so much on Pinterest that I always feel like I haven’t checked anything out yet. Very well written.

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