COM0015 – Blog#3: Professional Networking Now And In The Future

Starting a professional network by video filmmaker is a tough work. You’ve to know how to market yourself online and in person. I spent four years as a Marketing Executive for a video production company before I started my own in 2013. The principles I learned in that can be easily applied to anyone starting a career in a video industry.

I did a research to know exactly what other video filmmakers strengths and weaknesses, I was able to develop a professional networking strategy around that. Although, I was able to enter into these new markets to establish myself quickly, setting apart from others.

Present Strategy for developing professional network online and in person:

I launched my website, opened accounts on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and joined LinkedIn that show my services and the reel of corporate videos.

One thing that I’m marketing is the specialization in motion graphics to give a 3D look of the entire video. I don’t undercut my price for the professional work and really trying hard to do the best work for the client.

In this industry, I look at social media as a way to connect with the professionals to ask questions, answers questions and participate in discussions. Engagement is the rule for the social media marketing. Twitter and Facebook are the best channels to interact with both- current clients and potential clients. In between, I keep uploading my work on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on.

I don’t view other filmmakers as the competition – instead, have the opportunity to reach out to them on YouTube, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn  develop meaningful relationships. I cross- promote their work on social media and get a new audience.

Networking, online or person is the key component for making any individual or business successful. Getting out, meeting face to face with clients, video production company owners and trade organizations. I got referral jobs by going to these events and meeting with owners.


Image result for social media and filmmaker

Future activities & commitments:

It’s now easy for me to find professionals, clients and people who share same interest through social media and networking. I’m aiming to build an audience that will take an interest in my work and invest money in advertisements.

Planning to post on social media, insider access of my work — in photos or video clips, show them shooting, the editing and graphics room.

  • Every post on social media can be seen, shared and, eventually, judged; this all reflects on me and my professional work. Make sure with the content and shared videos are high quality, professional and attractive.
  • Try to push my content on social networks and spread the word about the new campaign and advertisements on YouTube.
  • In addition to talking to friends, fans and fellow filmmaker, take the time to read and like other pages on Facebook and Twitter to know what people are saying about issues important for me.
  • Being a video filmmaker, I have to try new things on the video blog, quiz about the campaign and experiment with new ideas. Social Media is a place for me to tell stories and just finding a new way to tell these stories — sometimes, in 140 characters.




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