How My Online Community Gave Me Offline Confidence!

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about my successes with Instagram and how it help aid in my weight loss journey.  But I want to also take a minute and talk about those #NSVs – Non Scale Victories.  As helpful as Instagram has been in my weightloss, it has done way more with my self-esteem and confidence.

fit4lessStepping outside my comfort zone – I talked before about how with the help of my “followers” I gained the confidence to try my first Crossfit class.  But long before that, I was nervous to even enter the gym…even an empty one.  I was athletic all my life growing up but the thought of now going in to a gym where I feared I would be judged for my size scared the crap out of me.  But on Instagram I saw women and men of all sizes strutting in and doing their thing.  They talked about how welcoming some gyms were and how no one even bothered staring because they were too focused on their own workouts.  This gave me the boost I needed to get my butt to the gym.

Showing some skin – No, not in a risqué way, but in a self-confident way.  I don’t think I had worn a tank top in public since I was maybe 13.  I was always wearing loose fitted tees and baggy mehoodies to hide my body.  When I first started working out, I was doing DVD’s at home and I had purchased a tank at Old Navy to use at home.  Well, let me tell you how enjoyable that way!  No bulky sleeves getting in the way of my range of motion and it was so much cooler, so I ended up going back and buying a bunch more for at home.  Then we started switching things up by going to the gym, so I was back in baggy tees, but every time I entered the gym I was mad.  Mad that I couldn’t be comfortable and mad that I was extra hot because of all the layers.  I voiced my frustrations on Instagram with my followers and they all chimed in with the same advice: “enough of that nonsense – wear the damn tank to the gym!”  So I did.  One day I just thought, “Screw this.  It is too hot to wear this big tee!”  And you know what happened? NOTHING! No one cared, and I was ecstatic that I could now workout in comfort without fear.

Gaining Self Love – Funny things happen when enough people tell you that you’re awesome…you kind of start to believe it.  Not that I’m now some cocky egomaniac but I’ve definitely learned to love myself a little better.  I have found such a warm and welcoming community online that is built on a foundation of building one another up.  I have so much support no matter what troubles find me and it has definitely changed my outlook on life.  If these strangers on the internet think I’m worth it, then why shouldn’t I?  Since joining Instagram back in 2013, I’ve started talking to myself a little kinder and that’s a great thing!

If you are looking for some #selflove accounts to follow on IG, check out this link.  I follow a few of these people and they definitely promote loving yourself!

Have you found an online community that has positively affected your life?  If so, in what way has it helped you?

Facebook Post:  Looking to gain some confidence?  Click here to see how using social media can help boost your self esteem:

Twitter Post: Looking to gain some #selflove? Click here to see how social media can help:


8 thoughts on “How My Online Community Gave Me Offline Confidence!

  1. This is a great post. I have loved following what you have to say about the online weight loss community and have since started a new Instagram account entirely dedicated to documenting my healthy habits including exercise and nutrition. I need to thank you for inspiring me, if you don’t mind giving me your handle I would love to continue to follow your journey. I have found the IG community very encouraging and I have felt better since I started the account just a little under a month ago. I don’t know what other tools you use, but I have found Pinterest very handy when searching for workouts to target certain problem areas or just to help keep myself motivated on those days that are a bigger struggle. Thanks again.

    • Hey Alex! Thank you so much for your comment. Glad to hear that you’ve started an account. You can find me on IG at @nikao_b. I don’t post much about weightloss these days as I am pregnant and just trying not to be sick all the time haha. But hopefully get back on it once baby is here 🙂

  2. Always enjoy your posts. Motivation at it’s best. Social media is the most effective tool to bond others when it comes to personal journeys. It has a hand holding effect with still providing accountability to participant. Awesome!

  3. Awesome read! no man is an island…it takes a village…whatever cliché ya wanna use – having support to help one through challenging times is the way to go. And so very motivational! Bravo and best of luck with your pregnancy!

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