COMM005- Blog #2: Little Jo Berry’s and the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

I am so thankful that throughout this entire certificate, I’ve been able to focus on the organizations and companies that have some meaning to me. If any of you have read any of my other posts, then you’d know that I love to look at local businesses. For this posts, I’m looking at two organizations, Little Jo Berry’s and the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue (OSCatR). I adore both their feeds; I volunteer with the OSCatR, and I’m hitting up Little Jo Berry’s this weekend to finally check it out. I like comparing local companies social media feeds to see how one could be more successful then the other, and how that could be transferred over.
I stumbled on Little Jo Berry’s IG account and was drawn in by their fun, interesting, and aesthetically appealing photos. The treats they make are fun, interesting and visually appealing (see image). They really know how to sell their food with their pictures.littlej They keep the theme of their images consistent, use hash tags appropriately, upload often and have fun captions. Little Jo Berry’s has an impressive following for a small, specialty cafe, with just under 7000 followers. What I think also gives them an edge is that they broadcast other local businesses they work with. From Urban Juice PressVegan Magic, and Kitty Kate Confections, Little Jo Berry is centered around community and strengthening that bond.

On the opposite end, I’m focusing on the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. I am really familiar with this organization because its been my focus of study for the majority of this program, and I also volunteer with them.The OSCatR is a local organization which is dedicated to managing the feral cat colonies in the city, and adopting cats they take in off the streets to loving homes. One would think that an animal account would have a bunch of followers, but the OSCatR comes in under 1500 followers.They post fairly often, showing off the cats that are up for adoption or any upcoming events they are hosting. Comparing it to Little Jo Berry’s feed, there are a few major differences, which I think could be the reason why one is more successful than the other. The quality of images and content is not consistent; this is hard to maintain since all the cats available for adoption are living in foster homes, so its not like the images are being taken by one or two people consistently. That being said, I am a huge believe that quality and consistency is key to making an Instagram fairly successful. Followers are expecting content of a certain caliber, and users need to be producing that quality content to continue to gain likes, followers, and spread their brand.


Feed is a little all over the place; a few good images in there, but they are drowned out by pictures with words on them and a graphic image. 

It’s hard to critique an entirely volunteer run organization which is doing amazing community work, but these tips could grow the organization. The first step would be to have a set Social Media Coordinator, who is in charge of taking care of the graphic images for events, uploading pictures and captions of the cats up for adoption on a regular schedule, and trying to implement a photography tips and tricks night or PDF. I think this would really help some of the fosters understand that the images they give to showcase their cat is really important; a good photo of a cat will show how cute, or funny, or quirky a cat’s personality is, which allows potential adopters to see the cats personality in images.

Social media is an area of ones online life that is still being figured out, and there is no right or wrong way to show your business online, only better ways. These two organizations have strengths and weaknesses and offer so much to our community.

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