COM14-log #4: B2C case study • We love coffee and style … but not the garbage.

The single serving coffee brewer is an interesting story from it’s beginning to its current impact on the environment.

My interest in the subject of single serve coffee brewer lies in one of my jobs. I am a Keurig Brand Ambassador for Match Marketing (Ontario) and SVM (Quebec) — the same company two different branches. I have setup and handed free out coffee, hot chocolate and tea in Future Shop, Sears, Hudson Bay, Home Outfitters, Canadian Tire. I am not necessarily an expert, but I have sound knowledge about the Keurig product.

According to Keurig  is the leading manufacture of single server brewers. It is a fascinating story about how Keurig began and became a juggernaut in the single serve beverage for both business and personal uses. After Keurig’s patent ran out, in 2012 Keurig introduce Keurig 2.0 to maintain their market lead in the single server brewing system.

Keurig is on Facebook with 2.8 million followers, Twitter  7.8 thousand followers and on Instagram they 2,200 followers. On each of these outpost they present their product in smartly posed settings making the brewers desirable appliances. From a marketing perspective, they have nailed it with the K200 system, it is manufactured in 9 colours from frosty mint to spice orange, very stylish and they look cool on a kitchen counter top or in board room. If you are a fashionista, then these make cool looking appliances in the kitchen. Keurig has done an excellent job this. The k2 system makes single cups, a carafe, a mug and with an adaptor your own special blend of coffee .. they have listened to consumers.

The major issue with Keurig is the recycling problem of the pods, The Atlantic talks about the problem of the non recyclable K-cup in that it is creating a serious environmental problem. As a brand ambassador for Keurig, the lack or recyclability is cited as the main excuse people do not by a Keurig … they detest the waste that it produces.

Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee Cups introduced in 2014 a fully recyclable single pod, because of the guilt consumers were experiencing on the waste they were depositing in the garbage. Keurig’s goal is to make their K-cups fully recyclable by 2020.

Unless their is a major backlash against the lack of recyclable K-cups, Keurig will continue to be the leader in the single serve coffee brewer market … with a twist of trendy fashion at an affordable price point.

Simple, convenient and easy to use, they nailed it and are listening to their consumers.







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