COM0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

In this digital age, it is odd to find a company or organization that is not using social media. Nearly every single organization or company needs to have some type of online presence – whether that be a blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account or simply a website, you really can’t compete in today’s marketplace without being online and easily accessible for your consumers. Gone are the days of looking through a phone book and picking up the phone to find out information on something. Now, you can simply go to Google and type in whatever you are looking for. From there, pages and pages of information will come up. This is why if you want to be successful and compete in the industry you are in, you need to be online in some capacity.

Two organizations I feel have impressive social media strategies are:

1)        Lululemon – I am following Lululemon on every social media platform they have; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Now, maybe I am biased because I am a huge fan of their products, but I do find their social media strategy to be very impressive. It is relevant and matches their brand and image they are trying to sell. For example, they often tweet and post to Instagram very inspirational quotes and photos which in turn motivate their consumers and make them feel good. I actually enjoy reading their tweets because I know I can always relate to what they post. They are very much in tune with their target market and can definitely appeal to their followers. I find they do not bombard us with promotions and product placements, but rather with advertisements of their products in use.

2)        Cosmopolitan – Similar to Lululemon, I find that Cosmopolitan Magazine has a very impressive social media strategy that appeals to their demographic and consumers like me. They tweet out links to articles, funny and comical quotes and pictures, and stay up to date with the latest celebrity news and gossip. They are also on SnapChat, and post many interesting articles to their snap story each day. Cosmopolitan is also on Instagram, keeping up with their theme of posting cute and funny pictures and quotes.

I struggled to find an organization/company that I feel could benefit from a social media strategy, as I feel like there are more companies doing it right these days rather than doing it wrong. However, I work with a lot of non-profit companies that host events that we sponsor, and I find that a lot of these organizations just do not have the resources, funds and staffing to implement and maintain a social media strategy. These organizations don’t realize they can really benefit from utilizing social media as it is free and easy to use and can get your message out instantly to thousands of people, if you play your cards right! For first steps, I would suggest that they delegate one staff member to enroll in a social media course either online or in person to enhance their knowledge on the subject, and from there, had it to their job duties to develop and maintain a social media strategy for the organization. It is very important that they first become educated on how to effectively use the social media tools available to them and from there; they can cater and monitor their social media strategy to hopefully achieve their goals. Doing research online is also helpful because then they can see what other successful companies have done with regards to their social media efforts.

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