Yeah, I’m a trekker, what about it?

This past week, I was able to visit the Telus Spark Centre in Calgary, Alberta where they were hosting a Star Trek event called, “The Starfleet Academy Experience”.  For someone who has been a Star Trek fan since they were in elementary school, this was nerd heaven.

For quite some time, and largely today, by the general public, Star Trek fans are stereotyped as losers who are socially awkward.   As a youth, I did not reveal this interest but to my closest friends for fear of ridicule, and still as an adult, have the same hang up.

The negative perception gave me pause before posting my experience and photos on my social media account.  I ended up tweeting to Patrick Stewart and added some pictures to Facebook.  I was surprised at how many Star Trek fans I had in my friends list.

Even if it’s not a hidden affiliation in a television program, but something more serious, like mental illness, I love social media and the internet for the simple fact that you can feel less alone.

Live long and prosper.

Ellen Campbell

One thought on “Yeah, I’m a trekker, what about it?

  1. Ellen, you’re hilarious! I found the internet early – since before it was the internet, just a chain of computers using dial-up modems to form a party-line. It really was just a bunch of “nerds” talking to each other, and that was OKAY, cuz even with that tiny hint of what Social Media would become, our friend-groups were expanded and our social networks were opened up so that we could find each other. If you look hard enough, you’ll find your ‘group’!

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