COMM 0014 Post #4 -B2C Case Study

Post 3 B2C Case Study:

The first company that comes to mind when discussing the case study would be Tim Hortons. I find Tim Hortons has always been involved with social media since day one. With the various amounts of promotions and customer feedback, I find Tim Hortons always has an advantage with e-newsletters, updates, promotions and exclusive insight on feedback.

Some example’s of the third parties that Tim Hortons works with are, or //  Another huge success online is the Roll up to Rim promotion, they make it very easily accessible to follow the game and learn the rules. Tim Hortons makes interaction on social media very easy and convenient and this helps with targeting different types of people. Tim Hortons has also even tailored a domain for the current promotion and events. For example for roll up the rim you can simply just access the online web address . This link gives you access to the information on the types of prizes and the current number of prices available. I find that Tim Hortons approach is working and constantly improving with interaction and personal satisfaction that grows every year. Tim Horton’s has a very strategic game plan and uses a “key” marketing plan to help increase sales and raise awareness. I can not complain, I would defiantly speak up in the media if I WON the car!!! I would defiantly thank Tim Hortons and help increase their social publicity and surrounding influences.

Shylow K Cutler


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