Party Planning Tips for Outstanding Online Customer Service


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Lay out your Welcome Mat.

Choosing where your home is for customer service interactions is the first step to creating great customer service online. Customers need to know where they can have conversations with you and by assigning a dedicated person or team to responding to inquiries or concerns, you can use social media for building valuable relationships online.

Twitter is a great choice for most companies since it can be reacted to quickly making it simple for customer questions, an easy way for customers to celebrate your business and most businesses can provide simple support through a tweet.

Facebook has recently added features to its pages that include a Call the Action button, upgrades to its messaging system which can track response rates so that businesses can show off quick response times and are designed to encourage customers to reach out to their business. Now, it can even be taken one step further by allowing businesses to set their own response time which lets customers know when they can expect to hear back from them.

Linkedin groups share advantages over Facebook in that group owners can email group members and feature discussions. It is a way that you can present customer service information in a way that entices members to connect with you directly which can lead to greater loyalty and potentially sales. This can work the other way as well. As an expert in your field, reaching out to groups having discussions around topics that you can provide solutions to is a great way to reverse the customer service experience by approaching others as opposed to waiting for customers to approach you.

Instagram is slowly but surely becoming a contender as an interesting customer service option. With the ability to seamlessly text their favourite brands, this platform is a winner with millennials and Generation Z’ers. Having over 500 million users, Instagram has been working towards creating engagement between customers and brands with its “text us” feature that can be handled quickly and privately.


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Be the Hostess with the “Mostess”.

Are your guests business professionals, teens looking for a place to hang, ladies for a crockpot and cards night or is it a mancave of guys on a sports weekend?  Authentic communication is important for finding your voice for great social media marketing. Two components of that are voice and tone.

According to Kevan Lee, “Voice is your brands personality described as an adjective such as lively, positive, cynical or professional. Tone is the subset of your brand’s voice that is more like a specific flavour based on factors like audience, situation and channel.”

“Essentially, there is one voice for your brand and many tones that refine that voice. Voice is a mission statement. Tone is the application of that mission.” Kevin Lee

Being personal, friendly, and making your customers know they are dealing with a someone real and not a robot is the basics of your brands success but taking it a step further to ensure there is a genuineness to it means that there needs to also be consistency with the message and the mission.

Stephanie Schwab, takes this further by breaking the communication approach down to a four-part formula that uses tone, character language and purpose.


Graphic Credit: Stephanie Schwab

Great guests lists are built by knowing what kind of party you wish to throw and  knowing enough about who is in your friends circle to invite the right mix of people for an incredible event. Communication is a two way street. If you want to attract the right people to your brand, you need to be speaking the same language as your customers. This makes for easy entertaining for both you and your guests which translates to better customer service interactions online.


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Every Party can be legendary.

Creating a vision for your customers and your business and then actively pursing it, is one way to create experiences that will leave people talking for days, or even years. Making sure that the vision aligns with what customers want by listening and empathizing with them, especially when there is a problem makes for a great guest experience.

Giving them a little more than expected is a guaranteed way to create memorable moments for customers who will share them with others. Once you know what your customers need and want, going above and beyond shows that you are listening and truly care about them.

Wondering what you can do to make an unforgettable customer service experience for your online customers? Check out these 14 examples of companies who know how to party when it comes to customer care.

How are you and your company going to party plan a social media strategy that your customers will be talking about for decades? I would love to hear from you!


Great customer service begins by being the hostess with the mostess! Find out how you can ensure memorable customer service by going above and beyond. #socialmediastrategy #greatcustomerservice #onlinecustomercare

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