How Social Media Keeps You Accountable For Your Goals

I touched on my first blog post about how being accountable on Instagram can help you lose weight.  But it doesn’t just have to be about weight loss.  I follow many different profiles that share many different goals as me like lose weight, maintain a healthy pregnancy, budget better, journal more, or just to be an overall better person.

Social Media can help you stay on track with your goals…if you just stay accountable!  And how do you stay accountable? – Just follow these 4 steps:

  • Outline and post your goals – Many fitness pages that I follow list either weekly or monthly goals. This is a great place to start since you are kind of calling yourself out.  You are putting it out into the universe that this is what you are setting out to achieve and everyone knows it.  Whether it’s to lose 5lbs, save X amount, or do X amount of good deeds, you have it out there and now people will be watching to see what you can do.  jan-goals1wiw
  • Update regularly – In order to stay accountable, your followers need to know if you are on track. So by posting a sweaty selfie at the gym or your healthy dinner, you are checking in and letting them know you’re on track.  The more consistent you are, the harder it will be for you to hide.  If your followers become accustomed to those daily photos, and then you go a few days without posting, they will be checking in and wondering what’s up.
  • Be honest – People aren’t unrealistic. They know big changes won’t all happen overnight and they respect and understand if you have a bad day or even a bad week.  Many people that I have continued to follow have always checked in, even on their bad days.  It helps you realize you aren’t alone if you are going through a hard time and most of the time, your followers will reach out to give you support to get you through your rut and back on track.
  • Evaluate and revisit – I like setting monthly goals and posting them at the beginning of each month. And then on the last day of each month I like to look at my list and check off or cross out what I did or didn’t do.  That way you have the visual of all of the goals you achieved and what areas need improvement.  By posting your recap of the week or month, you can get feedback from your followers on how to improve in some areas as well as get support if you are feeling frustrated about your progress. jan-goals

Remember, small goals are more manageable.  So take that one BIG goal like let’s say you want to lose 50lbs, and then divide it up into smaller goals that are more attainable on a short time basis.  If you set a goal to lose the 50lbs in a year then instead, track your monthly goals to wanting to lose 4lbs each month.  You will get that satisfaction of checking it off your list which will give you the momentum to keep going to the next milestone.

You can also check out this article for other ways Social Media helps you achieve goals:

How has social media helped you stick to your goals?  Or if you don’t already use social media to track progress, is it something you think would help?

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2 thoughts on “How Social Media Keeps You Accountable For Your Goals

  1. Agreed. Setting small goals will make it more manageable and realistic. Once you achieve your goal, you can set the next. Sharing this WILL make you accountable and also invite encouragement, which goes a long way in the process.

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