COMMoo14 Blog#4 Martell Custom Homes

As I prepare to set up my blog dedicated to the wellness of Veterans, I am mindful of the necessity of telling the right stories based on purpose, relevance and conversation. Failing to do so means my blog may get lost among the estimated 152 million blogs that are already out there.  With this thought in mind, I have searched the Internet for successful B2C social media programs.   To my mind, Amy Porterfield’s suggestion that Martell Custom Homes has a solid social media program is a good one.

When MCH started in New Brunswick, its founders relied almost exclusively on realtors for their business.  Adopting a social media presence allowed them to eliminate the middle person and reduce costs, all-the-while remaining faithful to its purpose: building custom homes.

The key to any successful social media presence was to ensure relevance to the potential consumer.  So, rather than simply state the obvious and try to sell custom homes, they developed a fan base by delivering attractive content on the needs of home buyers through a blog.  The content, according to their own statistics, suggests that 86% of their custom home buyers contacted them directly as opposed to through realtors largely as a result of this social media fan base.

The third and perhaps most crucial part of any successful blog is to ensure there is a conversation.  Martell Custom Homes followed some of the basic rules governing the use of social media but they also adopted some rather unique and interesting features on social media: (1) they installed GPS tracking devices on their contractors, so home buyers know where their respective contractor is and working on their homes; (2) they also posted photos of the MCH homes to show the progress being made.  Home buyers were then afforded the opportunity to share the photos along with their excitement with friends and family which, in turn, helped promote MCH.

While there may not be a silver bullet that automatically guarantees success on social media, it is clear that Martell Custom Homes understands something that Steve Jobs once said once said “You‘ve got to start w/the customer experience & work backward – not the other way around”


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