COMM004- Blog #4



I originally wanted to keep my focus to local businesses, but I changed my direction and went with a brand that is still relatively new to the beauty game. Colourpop Cosmetics is an LA based cosmetic company whose main goal is to provide top quality, ethically conscious, budget friendly makeup. I adore their products. At roughly $6.50 CAD for the majority of their lip, eye, brow, and skin products, trying new trends has never been easier. To me, their social media game focuses on showcasing their products on a variety of different users. Their Instagram feed is often featuring customer reposts of makeup looks using their products. The image below is just a sample of nine photos from their feed. 7 of them are customer reposts, and the other 2 are promo posts about getting $5 off your purchase from the Hello Kitty collection.


What I also think is a strong social media play is the amount of diversity they showcase. I absolutely love that they show you how their colours look against different skin tones. The image on the right is showing how three different lip colours would look on three different skin tones. I personally love their take on social media. Their twitter replies to unhappy customers are polite, a little generic, but points you in the right direction to getting your moneys worth. Filling their feeds with colourpop2customer images and makeup tutorials is a great way to interact with the customer. They are highlighting clients, creating a bond with them, and encouraging them to keep posting images in the future that Colourpop could potentially use. It gives customers the opportunity to have their profile and images looked at by all four million people who follow Colourpop. I think this not only creates a strong business bond, but a strong creative bond between business and client. I think their social media approach is totally working, they are strengthening customer bonds by using their images, validating that their images are worth the repost; they are using new and interesting images to show off their products, which creates an image and name for themselves by being different.



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